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Matthew 25:2 …and five of them were wise.

Most of us are familiar with the parable of the 5 foolish/wise virgins and the oil lamps.
A lot of attention was placed on the foolish women but I want to draw your attention to the WISE.

And 5 of them were wise. In the story we see 10 people with the same opportunity and equipped with exactly what they needed to meet the bridegroom. They all had lamps and they all knew exactly WHERE to meet the groom. ( you have a MAP and a light- the BIBLE and GOD)
So what was the difference ????. We all have the same information!What makes 1/2 of us foolish and the other 1/2 WISE.


Wise people will never depend on the undependable, they forward think, they anticipate NEXT. They prepare, they get ready, they plan, they think, then they DO.

The wise already knows they may not be get another opportunity, it may be all or nothing.

Not having enough oil will NEVER keep them from reaching their destiny.

You have been given directions and a lamp- will you be READY when HE comes.