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Pharisees were a group of religious leaders who constantly reminded everyone else of their shortcomings. They prayed the loudest, quoted the most scriptures, didn’t want any miracles worked on the Sabbath. They were truly “wise in their own eyes) Isaiah 5:21, Proverbs 3:7

My husband and I are on a mini vacay- and like most most of us who over-share I posted on fb that I was in Vegas!
Why is this a big deal, millions of people visit Vegas each year, right?
Its a big deal to at least one because wait for it…..I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I teach bible study on Wednesdays nights and I sit in the pulpit on Sunday Mornings.

**gasps** how dare I visit SIN City and profess my undying love for Christ.
(according to a fb message I received from a Pharisee)
Now mind you this religious leader got “alot” going on and if I was messy I would tell her business, but hey I’m not here to judge.

For a second I forgot who I was in Christ, it was after I had blocked her, slightly put her on fb blast, looked up all kinds of scriptures on hypocrites that I remembered something.

It is a sad and miserable person always looking to find fault. The scriptures about seeing a splinter in someone else’s eye when you got a log in yours would apply here but I will refrain ( laughing)

This is when revelation comes in….

YOUR opinion of me and my salvation is not my concern.
It adds absolutely no value to my life.
I refuse to allow your thinking to make me feel some sort of shame.

The entire Chapter of Matthew 23 sums it up perfectly regarding Religious leaders.
Why the need to tear down, when you are in positions to lift up.

I saw a meme the other day that said ” if you want to be popular preach happiness, if you want to be unpopular preach holiness”
Can’t I preach/teach/have BOTH.