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Jeremiah 20:10New Living Translation (NLT)

10 I have heard the many rumors about me.

Even my old friends are watching me,
waiting for a fatal slip.


When you have a new idea, or beginning a new project you want buy in from people you have entrusted with your vision.
Our excitement spills over into every conversation, we want everyone to know what we are doing, we want the well wishes, we want the congratulations, we want the nods of approval. We want support.

Visionaries are rarely popular, they are loners. They come to grips with the fact that the masses wont understand.

They have realized you can’t tell everyone what God told you.

Your friends become few, and thats ok. They lie in wait, hoping for something to talk about…they want you to slip and fall.
This is crazy, right? Why would they want someone to fail.? Could it be because they are angry with themselves for letting their own dreams die.?

Whatever the reason, keep this in mind.

This is bigger than the few people inside your circle, this is bigger than you. You don’t need everyone to buy in- this is not for everybody, it may only be for a few million , a few thousand, or just one.

You dared to look fear in the face and decided to GO FOR IT.
You are not like the rest, you are different, you are set apart. You may not be popular YET, but you will be…

Jeremiah knew they were talking about him, waiting for him to fall but he had HEARD from GOD, and that outweighs any critic you encounter.