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Proverbs 21:31New Living Translation (NLT)

31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle,
but the victory belongs to the Lord.


It’s hard to think of a 12th round victory when it’s only the 3rd round and you have a black eye.

This black eye makes it hard for you to see your way, its blurry and often confusing. You may even want to stop fighting. I encourage you to make it to your corner. There you can take a break, get some water and most of all receive encouraging words from friends and family.
The bell allows you to sit down, take a moment, adjust your strategy; if you need to.

It is during this time of sitting that you have to decide if you are a victim or a victor.
You have to decide if you believe God’s word or doubt his abilities.
You have to dig deep and recall how you won the last fight even after you received a bloody lip.
You have to remember the words from your corner when they told you to keep your head up (look up to God) and block those body shots ( don’t become bitter)

Or you can throw in the towel, and tell everyone who will listen that you got a black eye, and it’s so hard to see.
You can take pictures of it, post it online so that you can gain even more sympathy. You can become the poster child for all things wrongs in your life.
You can give up now BEFORE the fight is even over.

But I refuse to stop fighting, I refuse to allow bad news, bad situations, and other peoples actions to keep me from seeing my WIN.
My eye may be black, my lip bloody, but I still have some fight in me

You have to finish your fight!!
If you give up now -THEY win, they have succeeded in convincing you that your God isn’t sovereign, that he is a LIE!

They may have prepared to destroy you and they may feel good that they have blacked your eye…
BUT you can still SEE enough to Win! You just have to keep going, the fight is no where near over!

Keep your head up, keep your hands up, keep moving, don’t stand still…you doing great!