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Psalm 9:1New International Version (NIV)

1 I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

My family and I travel to each other’s homes for thankgiving.
Each year since my Mother passed away in 2004, my sister has made the pies.
We talk among ourselves about how great they are. This is the highlight of thanksgiving for our family. It is not a rarity to see someone slice a piece of pie first thing in the morning.

Yesterday, as I was talking to my sister, I mentioned that my husband had already began to talk about her pie. She paused and stated “she wasn’t bringing any pies this year”
wait, what!
after several minutes of debate, she said ” I am not the only one who can make pies!” “no one told me to bring the pie” and some variation of “no one said my pies were THAT good”
When I tell you I got off that phone in defeat, you would’ve thought I had just learned that Santa wasn’t real.
About an hour later my sister in law calls. She is visibly upset, she also talked to my sister and learned she had no intentions of bringing pies. After we fussed with each other over “now she KNOWS she suppose to bring pies” we finally hung up, unsure of the outcome but still hopeful that a miracle would happen.

later that day, we have rallied the rest of the family, arms crossed, foot stomped about these dog gone pies.
Not caring that it is now 5pm and my sister lives in one of the worse traffic areas in America. She wearily consented to our demands as she went to a couple of stores to gather ingredients, finally finishing at 1am this morning- all while we slept peacefully through the night. She did it for us, while we slept. All this commotion over pies.

And so it is with Christ.

In the scripture above it says we are to give thanks with our whole heart and tell of the wonderful things he has done.

How many times have we failed to come to Christ until the day before we need him, demand that he “make pies” out of our messes and poor planning. We then fall asleep in full confidence that he will work it out by morning.

Had we been thankful to my sister for the previous years pies she would have been more willing to make them. But we thought she knew we loved them.
we could’ve called her the week before and let her know our request
we could’ve asked her to send her recipe and we surprise her
we could’ve let her know she was really appreciated BEFORE we make our demands.
we could’ve done a lot of things, but we didnt…

Christ loves us, but he would appreciate receiving thanks and not just demands. Have we told anyone how grateful we are to him, have we honored him with praise from our mouths.?
are we sitting at the table ready to eat his pie ( blessings) then getting up, wiping our lips until we are ready to eat again.
Did we say “thank you” well did you?

Because he loves us he will stay up through the night working out our problems. He does this so that when we wake up we have what we need.

Today ( and everyday) give THANKS

When you are thankful to God you will never have to wonder if he is bringing pie, it will already be on the table.