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Many people have asked me how I became a CEO.

Trust me, no one handed me a job- I worked for it!
I learned from everyone I came in contact with, everyone became my teacher.

I went from the reception desk, making coffee for my boss -to being the boss and having someone make coffee for me.
It’s my experiences that I want to share with you.

Todays topic is a hot button issue- Are we getting a Raise

Let’s begin by answering this question : Why do you deserve a raise?
Once you identify the why we can work on the HOW to go about getting one.

Many people feel like their boss should give them a raise because they are dependable ( come to work on time) and do a good job ( performs task as assigned)
They ( employee) fails to realize that they are already getting paid for those two things. That is not a reason to seek a raise.

Maybe you (employee) have performed an extra duty not previously assigned to you. This was a successful assignment, shouldn’t you get a raise for that? Not necessarily. Bonus maybe but not a raise.

In today’s economy, raises may be few and far between. Your hiring authority is aware of the last time you were given a raise. Reminding them thats its been 2 years, 4 months and 15 days yields zero results. You HAVE to do something WORTHY of the extra pay.
*your personal financial problems isn’t one of them

Have you taken on the duties that would normally require another FTE? (full time employee)
Have you recently solved a pending problem that resulted in reduced expenses?
Have you recently completed additional training that enhanced your job performance by X%
Are you teaching your coworkers this new skill?
Are you the “go-to” trainer within the company, responsible for new employees as well as your own assigned duties?

These are just some of the things that warrant reevaluation of your current salary.

Seeking additional money because you have completed a year with a company doesn’t automatically qualify you to get a raise. Chances are the employer gave you the best starting salary available. You want to make more money…
You have to do sometime EXTRA to get the extra pay.