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Many people have asked me how I became a CEO.

Trust me, no-one handed me a job- I worked for it!
I learned from everyone I came in contact with, everyone became my teacher.

I went from the reception desk, making coffee for my boss to being the boss and having someone make coffee for me.
It’s my experiences that I want to share with you.

Today’s topic is from a lecture entitleMastering the Mess (how to get results)

I have mentored many managers with this complaint-How do I get staff to give me the results I want?

My first response is “what exactly do you want them to do?” it’s during this rant that I discover the managers have missed the mark.

When I explain this next sentence a dead silence usually fills the room.  I simply say

“manage the outcome, not the process”

Many managers not only want to tell staff WHAT to do they want to tell them HOW to do it. They expect robots. People are not robots. Even the most well-trained, loyal employee will perform their job slightly different from the way it was taught to them.

After the manager has regained composure I usually get ” but I want them to do it RIGHT!”
Hmmm, what is RIGHT? Is the right way your way.? Is your way the only way?

I not so gently remind them that as long as the FINAL outcome is satisfactory, why do you even CARE how it got that way.

There are many ways to get to the same address. As long as you are at the destination at the appointed time with the necessary information does it matter what route you took?

Don’t stress yourself out by badgering staff to be mini you’s. Give them the flexibility to design a route that works for them, not only will you have more productive employees, you have now built something money can’t buy…TRUST.

Trust my friends, gets results. There is something about working for a boss that trust you with an important project (no matter the size)

Your focus is on results (the outcome) the process isn’t as important. Now of course you are responsible for providing general guidelines, but don’t get lost in the weeds. Stand back and wait on the flowers to bloom.

Build trust and you will get results.