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1 Kings 22:5 New Living Translation (NLT)

5 Then Jehoshaphat added, “But first let’s find out what the Lord says.”


What would happen if we stopped and consulted the Lord before every decision that we make?

We are so used to doing what feels like the right thing to do, or the things we are accustomed to doing without giving additional thoughts to our actions.

We are often functioning on auto pilot.

Because of this and the rapid world we live in, we find it difficult to “wait” on an answer. If we ask God for an answer and he doesn’t respond between the time we say “amen” and the nano second of getting up off our knees or opening our eyes we feel as though God isn’t listening. We want God to answer when we demand him to do so.

We have to learn to tell our minds to “wait a minute”

Every idea that sounds good may not be good for us.

Every thing we want may not be what God wants us to have.

Every turn we make could be all LEFT turns resulting in us going around in circles.

Everybody who wants you to partner with them, may not be the partner you need.

Take a moment and consult the Lord. Take time and seeking what he wants for your life. Learn to tell your ideas, your minds, your families and your friends to “wait a minute” while you consult the Lord finding out what he has to say about the situation.