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When someone hurts our feelings…
Frankly it SUCKS!
Then I started asking my self WHY does it hurt?
Often we hurt because someone did something that we wouldn’t do, or didn’t do something we expected them to do -either way because we couldn’t control what someone else chose to do OUR feelings became bruised.

I’m praying that you accept that people DONT have to do what you think they should… And it perfectly ok!! Begin to ask God to heal your bruised feeling and bless the person you’ve tried to control. Not what you were expecting me to type:I know-I know

Wait!!!! are you saying I am trying to control the person who HURT ME?? That’s exactly what I am saying.

We expect people that we are close to ( and sometimes not so close to) to have the same views and values as ourselves
NEWS FLASH- they dont. This is where hurt comes in.

We are hurt because we don’t UNDERSTAND WHY!
Why they did/didn’t do this to me. Even if the offender offers an explanation – the excuse is never acceptable further wounding our expectations.
Are you saying I shouldn’t expect people NOT to hurt me?
No, what I am saying is your expectation may not line up with their actions.
Everyone ( including you) makes choices every second of every day.
The freedom comes from not allowing someone else’s action to wound you.

Every person you come in contact with will help you or will teach you, if it is a teaching moment learn quickly so that you will not repeat this lesson again. If it is a helping moment- don’t forget to give thanks for the blessing.

Father, my feelings are hurt because of ____________________, I realize now that I have no control over another persons actions. I ask that you heal my broken heart and bless _____________. I give all my emotions over to you. Amen.