Last night I attended my high school HOMECOMING! It was my 25th reunion. I saw several familiar faces, forced smiles at the ones I couldn’t recall the names of, all in all had a great time.

I was speaking with a great friend of the family who runs a non profit. She was telling me she was having a hard time getting anyone to come and pray with the people she serves. She named several known community leaders/preachers in the area. All had declined.

She Can’t get people to pray? wait, what?

Isn’t that what we are suppose to do? Or have we become exclusive Christians. Do we reserve our most fervent prayers for the persons we socialize with on Sunday mornings. Has the church become “members only receive benefits”

After the game I went with one of my favorite family members and her husband walking on Main Street, as we talked and laughed we noticed a young girl stumble ( obviously from having one celebration to many) she fell striking her head against the glass window of an establishment.

She did this as a group of her “class mates” laughed and made comments as to how drunk she was. The group consisted of 5-7 people.

Concerned I walked towards her, she is sobbing, I ask her ” why such a beautiful woman would allow herself to drink to the point of falling” she wept louder. I began to tell her how much God loved her and he wants only the best for her. There was a man sitting beside her I asked him was this his girlfriend, he responded ” his wife” I reminded him that it was his responsibility to ensure her safety and he needs to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As my cousin and I were talking to them, we learned that she had a baby to die and she wanted to just escape from life. I also learned her name ” Rebecca” We keep talking, we learned more.

Her husband hugged me twice as their cab approached and told me he really thinks I got through to her.

Which brings me back to my friend at the game. How many people have walked by a ” drunk Rebecca” going to church, to be inside the safety of the sanctuary they have built. Honoring and praising God within the four walls but walking by Rebecca without so much as a smile.

So I am messaging my friend today and giving her my cell number, if you need someone to pray- call me. I will do it. I have to do it. That’s what Christians do right?

Rebecca, thank you for lighting a fire inside me. My responsibility is beyond 11:00 am service. My responsibility is you.