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Mark 11:25New International Version (NIV)

25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

I woke up this morning with a lady on my mind I thought I had forgiven. My mind immediately went back to the place where she had “done something” to me. My mind even created a new story in which I get to tell her “off”

This disturbed me-greatly. She doesn’t deserve space in my head, but she does deserve forgiveness in my heart.

Un forgiveness creates unrest- not for them- but for you.
It will keep you from moving forward; it will keep you from much needed tonight’s sleep.

You may have a right to be angry, but you don’t have a right to hold on to grudges.

Have you every replayed your own life back? Shoot, just a week will do. Have you done anything to anybody that you yourself needed to be forgiven for.
Sure you have, we all do things not pleasing to God.
That person, no matter what they have done, deserves the same grace and mercy you want for youself.

So ____________________ I forgive you. I speak blessing into you life. I truly pray you find peace within youself.

Now I’m done with it.

God is waiting on you to forgive, they may never say ” I’m sorry” they may never acknowledge they’ve done anything to you.

You have to remember forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you. I need God to forgive me, therefore I have to forgive anyone who offends me- even when I don’t want to.

Sometimes, we want to stay mad. It gives us something to talk about to anyone who will listen. Forgiveness isn’t about emotions, it’s about freedom.