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Proverbs 12:25New International Version (NIV)

25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
but a kind word cheers it up.


Anxiety, we all have periods where we become fearful or worry about what MIGHT happen.
We have convinced our mind the worse is approaching, and its coming for us quickly.
This feeling reeks havoc on our minds and our bodies.
I have known people to have crippling attacks that stops them dead in their tracks. We become hopeless because of the word MIGHT

So what’s in a word…a kind word cheers up the worry.

I have found when I am cheering on someone else to “make it” it has the same effect on me.

I want to cheer you on, I want to encourage you, I want you to know God is concerned with what concerns you.
There is no need to worry, God supplies daily needs.

Nearly Everyday I take time to write an encouraging word, its just for you. You who found your way to this page.

You can do it it
You can make it
This is just temporary
I am praying with you
God has not forgotten you
Your past has a purpose
Its going to work out
You deserve to be happy
Let it go
Just because they don’t understand doesn’t mean God wont do it
I’m just a email away

I am cheering you on, so your heart can be uplifted

Thank you for reading

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