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Joel 2:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 The Lord thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number,
and mighty is the army that obeys his command.


Today Nov. 11 we celebrate and honor the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to protect this great land.

We are in the Army of The Lord, sworn in by our confession of faith.
Our Commander-in-Chief is The Lord himself, there are hundreds of thousands of believers, no one can stop us.

Being the wife of a 20 year active duty Marine a few things I have learned are very similar in both physical and spiritual armies.

1. No matter how you feel about a situation you always obey orders.
This is not up for discussion or debate, an order is an order. Not following an order will land you in big trouble

Are we following God’s orders. Have we obeyed when he has directed us to do certain things?? Have we got ourselves into unnecessary trouble when we didn’t follow him

2. Everyone is your brother

This is major in the Army of God, we often only love on the people most like us, in our denomination, neighbors, or ethnic groups. We should love everyone as Christ commanded us.

3. You’re uniform identifies who you are

Once you put on your uniform, you are no longer allowed to conduct yourself in any other fashion but the highest level of respect.

So it is with believers, we should be easily identified by our conduct, we should not behave as if God has not delivered us. We should be walking in love as well as victory

4. Never leave anyone behind

When we see our brother/sister fall, we should be quick to pick them up and carry them if necessary to safety. We should always be on the lookout to encourage them ensuring they return safety into the arms of Christ.

5. Lead by example

it’s hard on new recruits to learn everything all at once. We should be the living example for people to follow. Always being careful not to lead anyone astray, but showing them that you can make it!

6. Always be ready to fight

we need to be ready to fight for our lives, families, finances, peace, joy, hope etc. The enemy is always on the lookout for us to let our guard down.
we need to always have on the whole amour of God so they we are ready at a seconds notice to stop the enemy dead in his tracks. we have to train daily, read our word, pray, and meditate.

God is our command, he goes before us in any battle.
We always WIN!

Army of God strong!