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It was cold outside, I remember.
I was reluctant to leave your side even for a second.
I wanted to be there if you needed me.
Yes, I know they said there would be no change, but just in case I wanted to be right there.
Cancer ran uncontrolled throughout your body, they had no answers, they had no treatment
They only had kind words

As I tucked you in, brushed your hair- you had such pretty hair
I gave you the medications as instructed, I wanted you to hear the words that would bring life
I opened up the worn heavily marked black zippered case that held every life event since it came to you
Your comfort, your peace, your road map- your bible
I read

It was in that moment I understood why you loved butterflies
you had them everywhere
It was a clear to me as the words I am typing
Their true beauty comes AFTER
There humble beginnings, the separations, the struggles, but if they hold on
If they don’t give up…
I was no longer tearful
I wanted to read more
I put on a recording of your favorite gospel artist
I read more, more, more

Then I saw movement, under the blanket that I had tucked so neatly around you, I saw movement, the more I read the more you moved
You were breaking free
The cocoon of cancer could no longer hold you
Your body was changing
You were getting your wings.

For the next few moments time stood still, I was moving, but oddly enough I was still beside your bed. Unsure of what I had just witnessed.
I knew I would never be the same, I somehow had been changed too.

You were free, you had made it, you were no longer sick, you were where you always wanted to be. You had transformed- I had been your witness
I know what I saw, I will never forget, I want to see what you saw
The day you got your wings

*today’s writing was a selfish post, it was therapy for me.
Prophetess Naomi Omega (Sitton) Bynum 7/11/43 -12/9/2004

God bless you all for reading.