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You’re losing your job, you’re being laid off, you’re FIRED!

These are words you hope to NEVER hear during your career.

The thought of “putting yourself out THERE” can be scary, but it can be just the thing to push you into a new direction.

This is not the time to curl up in a ball, post derogatory statuses on social media, or secretly plot to slash your former boss’s tires. No, this is the time to re-evaluate what you want to do in this next phase of your life.

Recently during a coaching session with a client, it was determined that she really wasn’t happy in her current career field. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do but she didn’t want to continue as a ________.  Although she is very skilled and knowledgable in her job duties, she never felt satisfied during them.

We begin to discuss things that make her happy, give her a sense of pride, childhood dreams, outside hobbies, her current training and her undergraduate degree. We discovered several new career opportunities that she was qualified to pursue. This transition is her CHANCE! This is her chance NOT to settle for what she could get; but concentrate on what she can HAVE.

She left feeling energized and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. She now looks at transition as an opportunity to reset her career clock and pursue her dream of becoming a __________. She now sees the last days on this job as a blessing, not a curse. 

Transition doesn’t have to be a death sentence but an opportunity to redefine your career goals making them a reality.