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1 Peter 2:1The Message (MSG)

1 So clean house! Make a clean sweep of malice and pretense, envy and hurtful talk.


I hate cleaning. Well, I don’t hate it, I just rather pay someone to do it for me. No matter how I feel about it, it still has to be done. Dishes needed to be washed, floors swept and moped, laundry folded, bathrooms scrubbed, and carpet vacuumed. If left neglected, a layer of dust will form that’s visible for all who dares to enter.

Just like our homes, our hearts, minds, bodies and souls needs daily maintenance. We have to clean up daily. We have to constantly take out our trash. We are pretty good at this part. This is what’s known as “spot cleaning” we keep clean the areas “people” can see. But what’s behind those closed doors, under those sofa’s, under the bed, or shoved in the closet.

Because of this, every now and then we have to do what’s called spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is when you clean everything from the baseboards to the ceilings. This type of cleaning will remove all dirt accumulated from the harsh winter months.

Winter in our lives accumulates hatred, negative talk, envy, and hurt. We can become dingy and dusty. We can look clean on the surface but further inspection will show otherwise.

Its time to spring clean. Get rid of the dirt you have hidden under the rug. Allow God to wash you clean. Let go of the things you have hidden in your heart so that you can appreciate the new things coming into your life.

There is nothing better to walking into a house that not only looks clean from the outside but you know IS clean on the inside.