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Psalms 23:3
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.


There is nothing more painful that a broken heart (soul). This can happen when you have put your hope and trust in something and it/they failed you.

I don’t know about you, but I have had my heart ripped from my chest on more than one occasion. I have believed in something that didn’t believe in me.

I had put my trust in someone other than God and the results were disastrous.

My Mom use to say when someone hurts your feelings you hurt all over. I have come to know this as truth. I have hurt so bad until tears wouldn’t fall from my eyes and all I could do is moan.

I have had a disappointment come along and blindside me out of nowhere. Knock you flat on your butt and dare you to get up kind of hit.

I have had someone call me such derogatory names until it felt like I could feel my own heart bleeding.

During these kinds of moments you have no idea if you are going to make it from one moment until the next.

This is a great opportunity to allow God to heal your soul. The definition of restore is to return something to its former condition; to reinstate.

God wants to give you back the soul he gave you, the one without the hurts and disappointments, the one without the scars, the soul that doesn’t remember past hurts but remembers the love of Christ.

When someone you love feelings are hurt, it hurts you. You will do anything to make it better.  Allow God to restore your soul. He will replace weeping with rejoicing. He will “kiss it and (truly) make it better”
God is concerned with what concerns you, nothing escapes his eyes, he sees it all. God can heal, God will reinstate, God is waiting to restore.


It’s only after you have been restored can you let God lead you down his paths, there is no disappointments where you are going. His ways are sure, his ways won’t fail. His plans won’t fall through.

If you don’t let God restore your heart, you will continue to exist and never truly live. You will be asleep with your eyes wide open. You will begin to feel very little in the way of emotions. The wall around your heart will get taller and thicker, brick by brick by brick.
This is no way to live, this is not what God intended for you.
Don’t allow past hurts and disappointments to keep you from a bright future. A future that has promises that can not be broken.

Trust me, if God can heal this shattered heart of mine, and restore everything the devil stole from me…he can do it for you. I am a witness. But you have to let him, you have to let it go, you can’t keep hashing it over and over asking yourself why.

Let God take you down a new path, one where he leads you, with the heart, soul and mind that he created you to have.