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Psalms 23:2

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.


Green Pastures…

There was nothing better to me than to walk barefoot on the grass as a kid. The grass felt like the softest carpet. My dad was a yard man so he would meticulously take care of the grass. People would often stop by the house just to admire the yard.

Often in movies, we see people lying down in the grass, arms folded behind their head gazing at the clouds or the stars. This is the ultimate picture of peace and satisfaction.
These people are making shapes out the clouds or finding the little dipper. They are content.

That’s what God will do for you. He will let you lie down and just bask in his glory.
Have you ever turned your face towards the sun on a cold day and let the rays warm you up? If you haven’t done this, it is the best feeling in the world. During those moments you don’t have a care in the world. To me if feels like a hug from God.
When you lie down in green pastures there is no threat of danger, you are safe from harm. God wants you to have a place in him where you can rest. We get so busy with our day-to-day lives; he knows this. He wants you to take a few moments and just walk barefoot in his green pasture.

Still Waters…
Just saying that gives you a vivid picture of a lake, a river even an ocean.

My grandparents lived on a farm. We loved to go visit there, it was our chance to get so dirty we nearly had to be hosed off outdoors. This is the place where I learned about making mud pies!
There is always water around a farm, it was probably a creek but to a little kid on an adventure it was a Lake.
The water was beautiful as it slowly went downstream, there was always berries to pick and eat, or a stone to throw.
The water was always calm, soothing, cold and refreshing. There is nothing like a cold drink of water on a hot summer day. Nothing quenches your thirst like water.

God wants you to lie down where its comfortable, and have a refreshing drink of water.
After a rest in the grass and a cool drink you can go on just a little further. He allowed you to take a break, where you would be most comfortable.

Where you lie down could be at your desk. No I don’t mean climb you on your desk at work and take a nap with a bottle of water in your hand. I mean where you stop and just think on God’s goodness. The place where you pause to say thank you. The place where you take a moment and read his words or whisper a prayer. That’s where your grassy place and your still water are. The place where you give God all your troubles with full confidence that you no longer have to worry. When you give your life to God, the waters of your mind become still, peace will flood your body, and you will find rest. Lie down, take a load off, fill up on the word and just relax.