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Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of worshipping at a local church where I had held an event in the city. Towards the end of service the pastor allowed a gentleman to give closing remarks. As he stood up, I noticed several people had to assist him to the podium. I could clearly see he was “up in age” as I patiently waited for him to speak. Service was slightly longer than usual due to serving communion and I admittedly had already glanced at my watch.

This man stood up and declared he was grateful that God allowed him to see another resurrection Sunday and he wouldn’t let the day go by without giving God some praise. He asked the men who had helped him up to take him down to the floor where he praised God with a dance! Many of us call it a “praise break” or “shouting” but whatever you call it this man (who I later learned was well in his 90’s) gave God a praise. It literally convicted the entire congregation. He we are young and healthy just sitting there, but not for long.

Many churches have the “it doesn’t take all that” mentality. And I can only speak for me. It takes that AND MORE!

When I think of all God has done for me, when I think of all he’s done for many of you I can’t just sit there.

If someone gave you a new car you would be screaming and hollering, jumping up and down or you may even cry. For sure you would break out in your “happy dance”

God blesses you everyday so how can you just sit there?

What we do in church is learned behavior. If your church is loud, you praise loud. If your church is quiet, you praise quiet.  However your Sunday morning experience is , let me encourage you to every now and them do as the scripture says in

Psalm 149:3New International Version (NIV)

3 Let them praise his name with dancing(a)