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Psalm 55:22Living Bible (TLB)

22 Give your burdens to the Lord. He will carry them.


We often hear the phrase “cast your burdens on the Lord” or lay your burdens down. Have you ever wondered about this?

Our burdens are “heavy” they weigh us down. We can’t carry them no matter how physically strong we may be. We do all right for a little while then the problem will slowly break us down mentally and physically.  What are we to do?

Consider an airplane. The plane itself weighs thousands of pounds, not to mention the added weight of the cargo and passengers. However, the higher it ascends the “lighter” it becomes. Even in bad weather the pilot will announce that we are going to fly “above” the storm. He knows the higher he goes the clearer the sky. Even with all the plane is carrying, we the passengers don’t feel a thing.

Have you ever been fishing? A fisherman will cast his string by literally throwing it up and away from him in order to catch whatever he fishing for.

“Throw” your problems away from you and “catch” the peace that you are fishing for.

This my friends is how you cast your burdens.

God never intended for you to be weighted down with problems. He wants you to be free from those things which are beyond your control. Don’t go another day carrying something too heavy for you.

Prayer (speaking to God) releases the burdens high above the clouds making it light for you. Making your burdens weightless. Making your skies (mind) clear.

Go ahead “throw” your problems up and “away” giving them to God so he can carry them for you.