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Psalm 19:12Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

12 People cannot see their own mistakes, so don’t let me commit secret sins.


Many people, including me feel that we are “right” about most things. We see a version of our own truth, even if facts are presented to us.

We easily can jump on the bandwagon of judgement. Especially with sins that we wouldn’t be caught dead committing.

Race debates are another one-sided conversation that many of us are ok with agreeing to disagree. Politics another.

What would happen if we took a long hard look at ourselves? If we saw truth as God sees it, would our action and reactions be the same?

What we should see is the God in everyone not the behavior of the person. Are we failing to realize that we are in the same shape if we are “sinning” and have chosen to become unaware?

Take the sign holder on the highway; do we justify not giving when the scripture says “give and it will come back to you.” If we believe this to be true, it wouldn’t matter WHAT your gift is used for, you will get it back.

Have we become our own judge and jury, rushing to convictions on everyone but ourselves?

It’s high time we took a step back from all the commenting on social media and within our own social circles and examine ourselves. Are we committing “secret” sins unaware?

Lord, show me, ME!