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Romans 15:30 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

30 My friends, by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the love that comes from the Holy Spirit, I beg you to pray sincerely with me and for me.


We should be praying WITH and FOR each other.

How often is this occurring?

My mother was the “go-to” in our community for prayer. Her name and number was often given to strangers because someone said “she could get a prayer through”

I remember answering the phone shortly after she had passed away it was an international call from a lady who had been given my mothers number. This lady was from Australia. She was in desperate need of a change in her situation. She said to me “even though I called a day too late, I feel better”

My mom said to me once ” I wonder if anyone is praying for me?”

Today, I wonder the same. I know people say to me all the time “I’m praying for you”

This has become a natural response; almost a cliche. Saying you’re “gonna” pray and actually praying are two different things.

I encourage you to take a moment and pray for someone other than yourself. Pray for your neighbors, your child’s teacher, the cashier at the drive through, the homeless…

I beg you to pray with and for them.

I know people like to have “unspoken prayer request” but I want you to trust somebody with your prayers. This is not to be nosey but so that your prayers will align! I don’t want you to pray for me and it be against my own prayer.

I want to give you as many details of my request as possible so that when we come together in prayer it can be established!

I want your prayers to be out of love and sincerity. I want to be able to trust someone with my most urgent request. I want you to love me enough to prayer with and for me… as I do the same for you.