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2 Kings 4:1-2 Good News Translation (GNT)

4 The widow of a member of a group of prophets went to Elisha and said, “Sir, my husband has died! As you know, he was a God-fearing man, but now a man he owed money to has come to take away my two sons as slaves in payment for my husband’s debt.”

2 “What shall I do for you?” he asked. “Tell me, what do you have at home?”

“Nothing at all, except a small jar of olive oil,” she answered.


This story is a great one to show how God makes a way when you think there is no way.

I want to draw your attention to the problem.

1.The woman’s husband has died.

2. The husband has unpaid debt.

3. The debt collector is scheduled to take her sons as payment.

This is definitely a problem, a major one. It is easy to see why the woman needs help. She is no doubt still grieving from her husbands death and now she has bills to contend with. She has lost her husband and someone has come to take her sons away. This is a lot. This is huge. This is more than most of us can deal with.

The woman seeks advice from someone she trust. Reminding him of her husbands faithfulness.

He asked her “what do you want me to do, [showing concern and understanding] is there anything you have at home[possibly of value] ?”

Her response “all I have is”

Many times we  are so focused on what we don’t have until we over look what we do have. Anytime the response is “all I have is…” that is enough for a miracle to take place.

You may have to borrow from your neighbors, like the woman did in verse 3. You may have to shut the door and pour your heart out to God until his spirit fills you to overflow. You may even have to do something that you never done before.

I just want to encourage you that a little goes a long way.

A little prayer, a little faith, a little hope, a little money, a little time, a little food?

What do you have? What have you overlooked? Have you devalued something God can multiply?

It may seem like you don’t have anything, bless what you have and watch it increase to more than enough!