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Mark 6:3 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

3 Isn’t he just the carpenter we know—Mary’s son, the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And don’t his sisters still live here in town?” So they had a problem accepting him.


This is one sad passage to me. If you have the chance, read it from the beginning (Mark 6:1-6)

Jesus had returned to his hometown and his followers came with him. As he began to teach his own people; people he knew; people who watched him grow up; people he loved, they began to question his authority.

Sadly, this is not unfamiliar today. I can only speculate as to why your own home town would have trouble accepting the gifts God has placed in you. Shouldn’t they be your biggest supporters?

A dear friend and marketing/branding guru told me “don’t expect the people you know to support you” At first I was taken back, then he continued,”If you know 100 people only 10 will buy your products. Your clients will be people you don’t know.”

This has proven to be true.

The question is why? Why is this true? Why did the people Jesus know NOT believe in the power within him? Why are the people who are closest to you the ones ready to find fault in whatever it is you are doing?

You are so happy to return “home” only to receive a lackluster response. Talk about a blow to the gut, whew!

Jesus was shocked that his own people didn’t have faith. The KJV says he marveled at their unbelief. He couldn’t perform any miracles there so he moved on to the next town.

And that’s what I will encourage you to do. Move on.

Jesus had MIRACLES to perform for his own people. He wanted to essentially give back to his community but the community wouldn’t let him. He had what they needed. They couldn’t see past the boy they knew to see the gifts he had.

I want to encourage you.

People you know may not want what you have to offer and it’s ok. God will place you where you will be received. Your gifts don’t diminish because hometown folks don’t see your value. Someone will always say, “Didn’t he/she use to be so and so?” They will go all the way to high school on you if it means discrediting you. This is truly sad.

Ever wonder why people move away from home? Because home wouldn’t receive them. They had to go where there was opportunity.  The opportunity to be great. The opportunity to thrive. The opportunity to give. The opportunity to LIVE!

So to answer the question of the town people; yes, it’s me.