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Acts 19:15 New Living Translation (NLT)

15 But one time when they tried it, the evil spirit replied, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?”


Let me set this up for you. In the preceding verses of Acts 19 a group of men were traveling around trying to cast out evil spirits. They obviously had seen it done before and figured if the disciples could do it, they could too. The men would command the spirit to come out in the name of the Jesus Paul preached about. The spirit responds ” I know Jesus and Paul but who are you?”

After reading Acts 19:13-16; we should all reflect on the question asked.

Many of us are under the assumption that every scripture in the bible will work for us regardless if we have accepted Jesus and his teachings or not. We mistakenly believe we can toss out any scripture at any time to benefit us. We believe the bible and it’s teaching when it fits out crisis situation. We suddenly find it necessary to pray to a God we haven’t spoken to in days, months or years. In adopting this type of behavior the evil spirit may be saying, ” I know Jesus and your Grandma but who are you?”

We can’t live off of someone else’s Jesus. This is where relationship trumps religion. I have met people who boast in attending church all their lives but don’t know basic bible stories. They only heard about the man called Jesus and hope to go to heaven one day .

They go to church but do they go to God?

Have we spent time getting to know the man we want to grant our every wish, hope and desire? Have we dared to open up the road map which is the bible to read about his requirements and ways? Have we spent time in his presence just because he has been good to us? Have we built up enough power and faith to command evil to flee?

Should the question be asked “who are you?” be ready with an answer!