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Many of us at one time or another have wrestled with the thought that we might not be good enough.


We have measured our body image, facial structure, career and bank account against someone else and have come up short. This starts a cycle of self loathing. Some of us lose weight not be healthy but to be accepted. We chose a different career other than our hearts desire because someone has suggested that THIS is going to be better. We make drastic changes to our features to be more socially accepted. And lets not mention the torture women can do to their hair.

When will be good enough for ourselves?

If I measured myself with my neighbors ruler I will always come up short. I saw that on fb somewhere. It has stayed with me a long time.

It seems that everything is measured by who or what someone else does or did.

I had someone suggest I copied them on a project. Ummm, BYE. You are not the first nor will you be the last.

The reason CVS doesn’t care that Walgreens will build a nearly identical store directly across the street is because CVS KNOWS who they are. Yes, they seemingly have direct competition, however, neither one of them are out of business. These 2 stores are the same yet different.

We should take on the same mentality. There is room for everyone’s gift.

Each of us were created to hold our own place marker in this world. We are as muck alike as we are different.

Be encouraged, you were made to be and do you. No one can take the spotlight that you were designed to stand in unless you’re standing in the wrong spot.

Turn your focus on you. Be great by your own definition. You are good enough, you are strong enough, you are exactly what you were made to be.

Congrats on being you!