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Today is National Coffee Day!


Every morning, not some mornings but every morning I start my day with a cup (or as my Uncle refers to as a barrel) of coffee.

Coffee in hand is how I start my day. Well before breakfast, before I wake my daughter up for school, often before the sun comes up; coffee has already entered my body.

Several more times throughout the day my cup is refilled. You can be sure that there is an empty cup by my bed as I have been known to caress a cup shortly before dosing off.

You can safely say…DeShannon loves coffee. I would not disagree.

The scenario above is a typical day for me. I drink coffee all day long, I order it at restaurants, I stop at certain gas stations, they know my car at the local coffee shop. I spend a lot of time making sure my relationship with coffee is intact.

I don’t really know how much coffee I drink, I lost count because I have been drinking coffee everyday for over half of my life.

Am I reaching for Jesus as often as I reach for my coffee? Something for me to ponder as I finish this cup.