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I had an interesting conversation with someone recently and they asked

“Why is devil busy chasing me?”


I listened as they told me everything bad that was happening in their lives and all the bad things someone was doing to them. After a while it started to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown “whaaamp whaaamp whamp”

What’s happening to you is a direct result of the choices you’ve made. The devil isn’t forcing you to make bad decisions; you’re doing a great job of that on your own. Whichever entity you have decided to put blame on, stop. The blame lies within.

You can’t commit murder and not expect to go to jail. Even if the family of the victim forgives you, the crime has consequences.

Many people are under the belief that asking for forgiveness erases the offense. In some cases, it might, but in most, not so.

What forgiveness does is lessen the blow. It makes the consequence bearable. The punishment may not be a severe but there will be repercussions.

Expecting to do whatever, whenever your want and skip happily along is a dangerous mindset. Eventually the road will give way revealing the path you chosen to take.

I saw a fb post about a man who had 10 kids and he was complaining that the child support was taking up his check. Sir, child support isn’t your problem. Having unprotected sex with numerous women is your problem. The choices you made have 18 year consequences. No amount of “I’m sorry” is going to get you out of taking care of those kids.

I know that example was extreme, but you get the idea.

The next time you go to blame someone for the mess you’re in ask yourself, who’s really at fault?

Or, you can just keep blaming the devil.