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Habakkuk 1:2 Living Bible (TLB)

2 O Lord, how long must I call for help before you will listen? I shout to you in vain; there is no answer. “Help! Murder!” I cry, but no one comes to save.


Many of us are waiting for God to answer our prayer.

Like Habakkuk, we are wondering; how long is this answer going to take?

It is easy to become discouraged when you are praying for an answer that hasn’t shown up. It is even easier to blame a God who you have made into your personal genie for not granting your every wish. You want to not only control God but the answer to your prayer as well.

It is hard to digest that sometimes you will get sick, you will get divorced, you will lose your house, you will get fired, your children will run wild…ALL WHILE YOU ARE PRAYING.

Sometimes bad things still happen even when we’ve prayed about them.

This can leave you with the why’s?

Truthfully, I don’t have the answers. I can speculate all day and still come up empty-handed. I am just as baffled as you. I may not know the answer but here is what I can and will do… I will remind you that trouble doesn’t last forever. I will encourage you to concentrate on today, tomorrow will take care of itself. I will do my best to bring a smile to your face. I will find the most comforting scriptures to text you throughout the day. I will continue to pray when you don’t feel like praying. I will answer the phone. I will be there.

I can’t tell you how long the answer will take, but I am willing to wait with you until an answer comes.