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Many of us have found ourselves in the seat of the encourager. We are the shoulders that everyone seems to find a resting place. We always have the right answer. Helping others see things from another prospective is our expertise. We are everyone’s go-to. We have embraced it fully, we are locked and loaded. Never short on quotes, prayers, or catchy phrases.


We carry other peoples burdens. We have become their Dear Abby’s.

This can be a problem when we feel that we always have to say something. We have mistakenly assumed that everyone “needs a word”

To those people who have been blessed with the gift of motivation and encouragement I want to tell you something. Be quiet!

Not everyone wants or needs to hear from you. Shocking isn’t it.

Let me give you an example. Some people seek you out for your wisdom, if this has happened by all means be the help they need. However, many times we can be so use to fixing everybody we can no longer tell who is broken. 

I have had several well meaning folks who have missed the mark trying to “encourage” me. They assume that everyone has the same troubles and are quick give generic, uninspired talk.

Miss me with that.

Find out what a person truly needs before offering unsolicited words of faith, encouragement, hope, etc.

Often, saying nothing is the best thing you can say.