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This is what I told a very talented, driven, educated, sometimes lost young lady this morning:

May you socks always be twisted

Sounds crazy? Not if you know me and know about DeShannon-isms. I have an analogy, story, example, or comparison for EVERYTHING.

This beautiful soul was telling me that she had been procrastinating on something and now the deadline is HERE. She  realized she had wasted value time by not “doing something” sooner. She’s had a plan of action for many months but has been piddling around with the execution. She is in an uncomfortable place.

Many of us need to be reminded of twisted socks.

Socks offer  protection, warmth, and comfort to the very thing that will get us from point A to point B (our feet).

As soon as put socks on we forget that they are there. Day in and day out we wear socks without so much as a second thought…until they become twisted. Then suddenly the very thing you’ve ignored has become your top priority. You suddenly realize every step isn’t painful, just uncomfortable. Your thoughts are consumed with socks, every second, every step. At this moment on this path your socks are demanding your attention. You need to STOP what you’re doing and ADJUST.

Has Christ become like socks to us? We are so comfortable in our lives that we forget that HE is providing protection and comfort along our journey in life? Do we only remember Him when life gets twisted and uncomfortable?  If so, may your socks always be twisted.

I don’t know of anyone who has broken out in a praise over a pair of socks but after reading this may you never forget just how valuable they are.