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From time to time we have all felt like our back was against the wall.

For many, this can feel like they have run out of options.

It can bring on a level on anxiety that can only be relieved with prescription pills and a tall glass of wine.

*For my Christian readers, strike that sentence and insert this one:

It can bring on a level on anxiety that can only be relieved with prayer and meditation.

How did we get to the wall? How did we get to this God forsaken place?Where on earth did this thing come from?

Whether going full steam ahead or run out of ideas, we’ve run into it?

However we got here, the wall is there, and its HUGE.

Let us examine the wall.  The wall your back is against. The unmovable object that won’t allow you to go any further. The solid object hindering you from getting whatever it is you so desperately desire. This is about the very thing that has made you stop dead in your tracks.


Often we have looked at the wall as a sure sign of defeat. We bang our head against it, use words not fit for hearing towards it, raise our hands and feet to it. We have grown to hate the wall.


I have grown to embrace the wall. The wall is there to offer support. We can lean on it, prop up against it, or sit beside it. We can finally take a minute to rest, to think, to breathe. The wall isn’t there to stop us, it’s there to catch us.

The wall keeps us from going to far off the right path. It offers a stable place to gather our thoughts. It offers a starting point of redirection.

The wall is not our enemy; the wall is an opportunity to take a mental break.  We get to be our best creative selves when our back is against it. Do I climb over it? Do I burst through it? Do I go around it? All of these brilliant ideas come once you reach the wall.

If you find yourself at the wall, just know that something great is on the other side of it. This is the starting point of your very best!