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Mark 5:36New International Version (NIV)

36 …Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.


Peter Pan is a story we all remember from our youth and this scripture fits it perfectly.
The only reason adults never went to Neverland is because they didn’t believe it existed. Only children believed. Not only did they believe in Neverland they believed they could fly.

We often tell children to stop making believe, it’s not real, it can’t happen in what we consider real life.

But oh it can, it all can if we believe.

Our belief has been reasoned away, this may be why we can’t do the “greater works” Jesus said we would be able to do.

What are you afraid of?, what’s the worse that could happen if you just believed?
Believe for that house, that car, that job, that healing, that marriage, that ____________________.
Peter Pan believed and whatever he could imagine it appeared right before his eyes.

Jesus said we could move mountains if we only believed we could.
What could you accomplish if you stopped being afraid and just believed.

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