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Many people have asked me how I became a CEO.

Trust me, no one handed me a job- I worked for it!
I learned from everyone I came in contact with, everyone became my teacher.

I went from the reception desk, making coffee for my boss -to being the boss and having someone make coffee for me.
It’s my experiences that I want to share with you.

Todays topic is from a Series entitled


How to get the Executives to notice YOU

Have you ever sat and wondered just how the Boss got his/her job? How did Jane get that promotion when you work twice as hard as she does? Why Bob goes home at 5:00pm and you have to stay completing his unfinished projects?
Why you are the first to come in and the last to leave and no one seems to give a flying flip?

I’ll tell you

Chances are the BOSS doesn’t know you exist. Sure, they may know you’re the employee that sits quietly in the corner that doesn’t cause any problems,but that just may be the extent of it. You’ve been too quiet. Now I’m not suggesting you you start office gossip to get noticed but you do have to do more than hope someone notices your hard work.

I’ve listed 6 things are sure to get you the respect you are seeking.

1. Volunteer for MORE work, but not just any work -the GRUNT work- the project no one wants to handle. The job that EVERYONE else complains to management about- that’s the job you volunteer for -and MASTER. Perform these duties as if its a piece of cake, we will notice-

This not only shows that you are willing to get the job done for the sake of the team, it shows you aren’t afraid to do what others feel is beneath them.

2. Once the project is completed, send an email to YOUR boss ( not his boss) thanking them for the opportunity to learn additional duties within the company and to keep you in mind if he/she needs additional help on upcoming projects

This creates a nice little paper trail, and it is easy for your boss to forward on up the chain

3. Get to know team members in other departments, offer your assistance on upcoming projects- networking is key

*word of caution- this is not intended to give you free reign to be the office social butterfly, make sure your assignments are top notch before offering your assistance to other departments.

4. Have you informed anyone of your “other” skills
I found that many of my former employees had highly needed but under utilized hidden talents. Ask to speak with your direct supervisor. This is a great time to share your “other” skills. ( Professional skills not knitting or card playing)

5. Apply within- watch the employee notices. Applying for internal positions shows you WANT to advance in your career.

6. Find a problem; bring a solution, and if it’s plausible-suggest to be the one to fix it. Leadership LOVES problem solvers not problem bringers.

It may seem that the “powers that be” will never see you as the next big executive, but with the strategy I’ve outlined above you will be closer to that corner office faster than you think.