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Proverbs 13:4 New Living Translation (NLT)

4 Lazy people want much but get little,
but those who work hard will prosper.


The dreamer in me often wants to grab a glass and go outside and bask in the sun. I want to wish my dreams into fruition. But wishing won’t accomplish anything. At some point you got to get up and do.

This may be why our dreams never get off the ground. We are in “wish mode”

Our wants haven’t caught up with our do’s.

The question is why not?

We reason away our dreams because we believe we won’t succeed. We have convinced ourselves that we don’t know where to begin, or how to accomplish our hearts desire. We are in our own way. We have accepted defeat before the race begins. We want much but until we get going we won’t ever get off the dream couch.

Fear of failure is just as great as fear of success. We often mistake a false start as a failure. False starts often happen when we lack the discipline to wait.

I have dreams, big ones, and some of them I have no idea how to accomplish. I do know that I have to start, even if it’s a false start I have to get in the blocks and prepare to run because the race won’t run itself.