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Many companies face the tough decision to lay off employees when budget cuts are looming over their head.

Employees are on edge because they have heard the hammer may swing their way. Everyone  feels the nervous energy. While staff reduction can’t always be avoided, it doesn’t always have to have a negative impact.

Employers should consider giving the gift of a Career Coach as part of the severance package. This will show the employee that their career interest is still a high priority.

A career coach can do group sessions and/or one on one enhancements. These can include but not limited to :resume revision and rewriting, sharpening interview skills, confidence building, and career direction (in some cases redirection) ** this will additionally soften the blow to the employee who is now reeling from the effects of the layoff.

Hiring a career coach can also save the reputation of the company. No one likes the negative effects from the court of public opinion. Let’s face it-if you are the one handing out the pink slips you are no longer on the Christmas list.

Let a Career Coach give you and your employees some peace of mind. Let them help your employees in their quest to secure employment by utilizing the best tools possible. This will not only let you sleep better at night. Your employees will appreciate that you still care about their well-being.

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