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Proverbs 23:18 New International Version (NIV)

18 There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.


I’ve heard many people say “there’s hope for you, yet!”

It’s never said as encouragement it is usually said as a snide remark, coupled with a chuckle.

But the reality is THERE IS HOPE, and that HOPE will not be cut off.

This simply means there is a chance. We take chances all the time and think nothing of them.

We take chances even when the odds are 11 million to 1 (think lottery)

We take a chance that the car that the “check engine light” has been on for weeks will still make it to our destination.

We take a chance that the person we have chosen to see the best in will see the best in us.

We take chances, because we have HOPE.

Hope is Possibility thinking. I like that. It’s the glass 1/2 full mentality. It’s the “what if it will” banner that waves prominently in our minds.

It very well COULD happen and because it could happen I believe it will.

So yes, I have hope. You can’t cut it off, it’s in me to believe that it might. And might is something I can hold onto.

“Might” gets me through tough days. “Might” allows me to sleep at night. “Might” gives me the courage to try again the next day. Might tells me I can.

There is hope for me, its in the word Might.